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Hello. ◕‿◕

Hello my name is Tia Akum Ao. I am an Architecture major. I was born August 10th 1992, that makes me 22. I hope you enjoy your stay here.



Villennes-sur-Seine Residence by Olivier Chabaud Architecte


I just want to be someone that people could rely on.

It’s become more common for couples to cheat on each other. And they seem to forgive each other in the name of love. Yes, love is up to a persons perception. But to me, love is measured on selfless action based on what is best for the couple as a whole. If you really love that person, you wouldn’t be going out to frat parties, and clubs grinding on another persons private parts. There are other means of “fun”. Why do we lie to ourselves and say that it’s okay. Or that it’s just one time. Dude. That’s a lot of “one times”. Grow the fuck up. You are not a child. Learn what a relationship really is. Yes. People make mistakes. But cheating shouldn’t be one of them. You have full control on the decisions you make. So make smart ones.

On a side note, I went to the city with my studio today. I got a lot of nice architectural photos. And my apartment design is going well. When I finish I plan on posting it on tumblr. School’s been good. And I’ve been learning how to not ignore girls in real life. (I’ve been in a relationship where I was not allowed to talk to girls so I’ve been avoiding them for a while. Even when they made direct eye contact and they were smiling I’d look away and ignore them.) this is kind of Turing into a long post.. But I’m on my phone so idk. I’m going to bed. Good night

What if I died

"Then everyone that doesn’t know you, would act like they know you, and cry."

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